Developing Character-based IP for Indonesian Youth Pop Icon
Brief & Challenges
Tim Ricis is a fun pop music group founded by Ria Ricis, a phenomenal Youtuber in Indonesia. In embarking on its new music album, they wanted to create a fun and pop music video targeting children and youth. The vibrant color, the fun tune of music need a story and visual manifestations that could present the new internet boom through their music video.

Project Detail

TIM RICIS & Big Donte Entertainment
2D Animation
IP Development, Music Video
Our Process & Solution
We offered Tim Ricis to develop IP development that is characterized based on their personas. As an icon that grows on social media, we crafted a story about an adventure on the social media universe called Socidia City. The story was meant to be entertaining and educate on how to ride the wave of social media on the internet for youngsters. Tim Ricis is one of few entertainers in Indonesia that use IP development as their marketing strategy. The characters we developed as part of their IP, will be expanded not only on their music video, but also on merchandise and creative digital content.

 Behind the scene

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