Stunning Bandung

Capturing the Beauty of Bandung in Alluring Video to Promote Tourism
Brief & Challenges
Responding to Indonesia's Tourism campaign "Remarkable Indonesia," every potential tourism spot in Indonesia got its own characterized branding to promote with. As the capital of West Java province, Bandung got the "Stunning Bandung" concept to promote Bandung and West Java spot tourism. The video needed to capture beautiful natural scenery, wonderful cultural aspects, as well as great public facilities, culinary and lodgings, so the audience could feel intrigued to be in Bandung and West Java area.

Project Detail

Bandung Municipal Government
Live Action
Promotional Video
Our Process & Solution
In order to bring the cool breeze, friendly people, along with its great tourism destination was a challenging quest in a short video. We explored and experimented a lot with diverse shots to bring out the best angles on Bandung. Using time-lapse, loads of experimental techniques in editing, and selective model that truly captured Bandung's character, the video told a story of how it's like to have a journey in Bandung, to West Java and back to Bandung again in less than three minutes.

 Behind the scene

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