Mitra Utama Madani

Excellent Company Profile with Motion Graphic
Brief & Challenges
PT Mitra Utama Madani (MUM) as an affiliate of PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) is present as a company engaged in outsourcing services. PT MUM consistently continues to strive to provide professional and competent workforce for business partners to support the creation of quality human resources. Now PT MUM has been integrated into one system, namely MUM.ID. With the vision "To become an outsourcing institution that provides "Integrated Human Resource Solutions", MUM always strives to maintain integrity, superior and professional quality of human resources, as well as providing added value for stakeholders.

Project Detail

Mitra Utama Madani (MUM)
Video Shoot & Motion Graphic
Company Profile Video
Our Process & Solution
In our opinion, this is a rapid progress from PT MUM in the field of their services, we thought of visualizing this technological progress through a video shoot that is combined with futuristic motion graphics and displays the latest platform from PT MUM so that it is even more relevant for its users.

 Behind the scene