How GoToko Help Empowering Warung
Brief & Challenges
To launch its new business to the public, Go Toko, an en to end B2B platform connecting brands and underserved warung (small merchant in Indonesian), needed a video to tell about its new application. Along with the app tutorial video for warung owners to use the app, this video is disscusses how Go Toko could leverage and empower warung's businesses. Hence, the video needed to be introducing itself as a new solution for warung to the public and decent enough for potential investors.

Project Detail

Go Toko
Motion Graphic / 2D Animation
Promotional Video
Our Process & Solution
We thought about how ubiquitous the presence of warung in Indonesia's streets and how warung is a dependable part of our daily lives with long opening hours and always ready to serve our needs. As a result, we portrayed warung like a family, people who are always there to help us, and how GoToko supports them as if they were family.

 Behind the scene