Turning Complex Climate Change Issues into Light and Crisp Explainer Video
Brief & Challenges
WRI Indonesia just developed an emission tracking app, specifically tailored based on Indonesian local behavior. It needed to spread to as many audiences as possible, using different approaches like social media and socializing events with some local stakeholders. The app was part of WRI Indonesia's mission to grow public awareness to act on climate change on an individual level. Thus, the video needed to be easy to digest, packaged in a fun and engaging way to attract as many audiences as possible to learn climate change better and take an act with the app.

Project Detail

WRI Indonesia
Motion Graphic / 2D Animation
Educational Video
Our Process & Solution
As climate change's a systemic and complex issue covering a wide area of knowledge, we tried to chunk the pieces of information into little actions in life that are common in daily life. The narrative about how our daily life choices could impact climate change and how we could actually act upon it, is something that we elevated through vibrant visuals, clear messages, and infographics. Since the launch of the app was at the peak of the covid 19 pandemic, WRI also asked us to connect the climate change narration with the pandemic. It was quite a challenging request, but in the end, we succeeded in tailoring all information by putting the user's perspective on our sight.

 Behind the scene

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