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We create unique Animated Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, Commercials and Internal Videos.
The style we use are Motion Graphic, Animation and Cinematic Videograph.
We work with passion and integrity just for you.

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Your happiness is our objective, your imagination is our journey!
Our goals is to make your brand stands out from the crowded marketplace nowadays.
We’ve made Animated Explainer Videos, Internal videos, Commercials, and Short Animation.

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Who we are?

About us

We are people who believe
imagination is a solution to
change the world.

Bonbin Studio is an animation and videography studio. Has been established in Bandung, in 2014.

Up until now, we’ve made a bunch of animations and videos intended for social campaigns, social movements, advertisements, political agendas, educational program, and e-learning for various agencies, and stakeholders.

Bonbin Studio will help you building a professional impression through marvellous multimedia products output.

projects that make us happy

Our Favourite Projects

Stunning Bandung Video Production

BKPM Perizinan 3 Jam

Hai Sani Episode Memilah Sampah

Bidwin Auction

BidWin Auction 2

Samsi dan Kotak Daur Ulang

what people think about us


Ridwan Kamil
Walikota Bandung
Sangat Kreatif

"Video nya sangat bagus. Saya suka video Bandung Tourism nya. Kreatif sekali."

Adjie Wicaksana
CEO Financial Wisdom
Dapat Diandalkan

"Sangat menyenangkan bekerjasama dengan Bonbin Studio. Profesional dan dapat diandalkan. Maju terus Bonbin Studio!"

Christian Natalie
Greeneration Indonesia
Kreatif dan Inovatif

"Bagi saya, imajinasi, kreativitas, ide-ide liar akan menjadi luar biasa dan berdampak jika diimplementasikan. Nah, tim Bonbin Studio jadi rekan diskusi sekaligus tim yang tepat untuk membantu mewujudkannya. Terus berinovasi ya guys!"

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